4 Reasons Your Recruiter Is Asking Personal Questions

When enlisting a recruiter in your job search, a lot of questions will be asked. Where do you currently work? Why are you looking for something new? What is your current salary? This will most likely be overwhelming.

Being asked to disclose such personal information can be off-putting, but the answers are important for your job search to continue smoothly, and to get the end result you’re hoping for. Providing your recruiter all of the information they request gives them the ammunition to find you a great new job.

Navigating the questions

If you are unsure of why your recruiter needs certain information, ask! Recruiters are happy to discuss their processes with you. If you are uncomfortable answering any questions, voice your concerns and open a dialogue that can lead to solving the problem. Recruiters will be as open as they can, and in return, they expect the same from you.

Help recruiters help you

A recruiter needs to know exactly what you’re looking for and where you’re coming from to get you the best possible offer. Be upfront with your recruiter about why you’re on the job hunt and what you would like your next job prospect to look like. Without specifics like salary and benefit needs, a recruiter may find you a perfect company where you really fit in and but without the budget to reign you in. Once an offer is made and it’s completely out of your salary or benefit range, you, the company and the recruiter have all wasted weeks or even months of precious time.

In this together

You really want a new job with the right culture fit, salary and benefits package. Your recruiter really wants to place you and receive the commission. Both parties will benefit when job seekers are open with their recruiter. A recruiter really can’t find you a long-term career without your salary information – that would be like shooting in the dark. If you aren’t sure about a salary range, a good guide is to look for a 10 percent increase. Anything more than a 10 percent increase from your current salary is pretty much unheard of. A recruiter also needs specifics on the type of benefits you are looking for. Recruiters and companies aren’t looking for someone solely interested in money.

Confidentiality Agreement

It can be nerve wracking to disclose personal information about a job or salary, especially if you are still working your current job. The fear of your boss finding out about your job search is serious, but not something to be truly worried about. Your recruiter will not share your personal information with anyone except a prospective employer. Even a prospective employer will not receive full information, just base level information on a need-to-know basis. Recruiters have your best interest in mind and will keep your private information safe.

Disclosing information to recruiters will help ensure you are interviewed for the job of your dreams. If you are having doubts, discuss them with your recruiter and learn about ways around your problems. If you are ready for an open discussion with a recruiter, contact an Capstone Search Advisors recruiter here.

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