4 Reasons You Can’t Find the Right Talent

You may have seen Why You Are Struggling to Find the Talent You Need, an article explaining potential challenges you could be facing in finding the right talent for your business (there are a lot of them).

Check out the previous article to see the first five reasons you might be struggling to find talent; read on to see the next four:

Hiring only local candidatesYour area may not have a large enough pool of talent. Are your locals willing to change companies? Is there any talent willing to move for a better job with you?

Position has been open three months or longerIs this a red flag?

Yes, there is something wrong. You need to seek professional help immediately to determine where or what is missing in your position and process. Candidates ask how long the position has been open almost as frequently as why the position is open.

Having a position open for three months or longer raises concerns like: there something wrong with this company or position, if company take this long to go through the hiring process, and if every decision takes this long.

Looking for titles instead of skills and responsibilities Title here = Title there?

If you only skim resumes for titles, you could be missing a lot of talent. A title at one company could mean having responsibilities much different than a person with the same title somewhere else. Some companies make titles up completely! You never know what kinds of skills a person has until you dig deeper into their job responsibilities and accomplishments.

Never using recruiters or only use the lowest fee recruiters – If you want a professional, you may have to hire a professional to find them.

There are so many reasons to use a professional recruiter: financial, timing, area of knowledge, connections, support. Two of the biggest benefits are having an outside person that can promote your company with objectivity rather than having an insider promote it, and appointing someone dedicated to filling your open position.

As a hiring manager, owner or HR manager you have multiple responsibilities. A recruiter has one. They must help you hire the person you need.

If you still aren’t sure after all this why you are struggling, or how to improve, contact me today for a consultation.

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