4 Ways A Recruiter Works For You Behind The Scenes


If you’re searching for a new career, you may have thought about using a recruiter to boost your search. You’ve probably heard some of the ways a recruiter can help you, like reaching into their vast network of hiring managers or seeking out opportunities for you while you sit back and relax. But you might not know all the ways a recruiter helps you behind the scenes of your job search.

Save Time

Yes, using a recruiter saves you tons of time because someone else is searching for your new job while you are still working your 9-5. While that seems like a no-brainer, realizing how much time it actually saves you is a little surprising. On average, a job search takes about six weeks, though it can take much longer depending on the industry and position. With a recruiter using their 9-5 (usually more) hours to search for you, it vastly speeds up the search, especially when they have a backlog of opportunities waiting from their contacts at other companies.

Improve Your Appearance

On paper at least. Reputable recruiters have great relationships with hiring managers and typically know exactly what they’re looking for. With this knowledge in mind, they can begin to help you craft your resume in just the right way to speak to the right audience. This includes using the right keywords and descriptions, how to place each item on your resume, and knowing what to take off that won’t help you.

Get a Recommendation

When a recruiter has a long-standing relationship with a hiring manager, there is a great deal of trust that goes into the relationship. And when a recruiter genuinely believes you will be a perfect match with an opportunity, they’ll rally for you. It’s similar to how people are more likely to help a friend of a friend rather than a stranger. When a recruiter vouches for you, a hiring manager wants to take a chance and trust their partner – which wouldn’t be the case if you were in the job search alone.

Let Them Go To Bat

When a recruiter finds your perfect fit and a hiring manager is ready to take you on, they’ll send the recruiter a job offer for you. When this happens, a recruiter has the opportunity to look over the details and make sure everything is up to par with what you’ve previously discussed, and what you deserve as an employee on your level. If anything is less than what you expected (salary, benefits, etc.) a recruiter can go back to the hiring manager and work on negotiations to get the offer where you want it.

These are just four of the ways a recruiter works for you behind the scenes, sometimes without you even knowing, though there is a great deal more in each case-by-case scenario. A recruiter’s job is to make your job search easy – so take advantage if you are looking! It’s also no commitment, so there’s no reason not to get in touch today.

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