How to Tell If a Recruiter is Being Transparent

Have you ever been burnt by a bad recruiter? Someone who wasn’t transparent, didn’t listen to your wants and needs, or who disappeared after placing you?

Maybe you haven’t experienced it firsthand but you’ve heard stories and are aware of the overall reputation of recruiters. You might not trust what they say and have doubts about the opportunities being offered.

But if you work with a truly professional recruiter, they will be transparent with you, supportive and responsive. If you don’t get that with your current “partner,” they are not your partner. Transparency is not only respectful, but necessary.

When I am searching for the right talent to fill a position, I am looking to permanently solve a problem the company and candidate are having. When I send you to a company, I think you will be a great fit, receive an offer and hope that you stay for the long run. I truly find this is the key to successful placements.

So how can you tell from the beginning if a recruiter is transparent? Look for these signs:

A recruiter should work to quickly understand your current needs for a change. Why are you looking for a new opportunity? What exactly are you looking for in a new position or company? In the end, what are your career goals? The recruiter will consult you on the specific details of your search. In doing so, you won’t get placed somewhere you’d have the same recurring issues.

After understanding your search criteria and end goal, a recruiter should begin to match you with opportunities. At this point, a transparent recruiter will discuss each opportunity with you and ensure that you have a good understanding of their duties and expectations.

Beyond job duties, your recruiter should give you background information on the company, such as culture, location, products or services and history. Additionally, they should discuss the less attractive facts such as high turnover, financial struggles, if the company was recently acquired, etc. A transparent recruiter won’t hide the facts as they present you with opportunities.

This next one is probably the biggest sign of transparency – a recruiter will be open and honest with you when they don’t believe a job will be a good fit. A great recruiter will have an idea when the talent and opportunity aren’t a fit and be upfront about it. As a recruiter, it is the goal that you submit a candidate that will likely get an interview, has the appropriate skills to receive an offer and will accept.

Finally, a transparent recruiter will make sure there aren’t any lingering concerns before sending you off to your new employer. If there are any doubts, a recruiter will work through them with you and make sure you are fully committed and comfortable going into your new role.

If you are looking for a transparent recruiter to place you into your next career, reach out to one of our professional recruiters today – after all, we didn’t win a Best of Staffing Award for being an “average” search firm.

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