What to Do When Opportunity (or a Recruiter) Knocks

The definition of opportunity is “a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.”

I received an email recently that made me reflect on this definition. Some backstory: I was discussing an open position with a candidate and he expressed interest in the job. We set up a time to talk. I called, left a voicemail and followed up with an email. I then received a response that included the following: “I went a different route. After some research I can’t and won’t trust a recruitment agency. I’ve been down that road before. It never leads anywhere positive…”

Before I became a recruiter, I worked in manufacturing. I was skeptical of recruiters, too. Then I became a recruiter myself and I’ve since realized the importance of taking the time to consider an opportunity when it’s presented. Here are some things to consider if a recruiter comes knocking:

What can it hurt to talk to a recruiter?

If you’ve expressed interest, what does it hurt to schedule some time to chat based on your availability? Ten minutes could save you the anguish of not knowing if you’d be a good fit for a position. Even if you’re not interested in any career advice, the position might end up being something you are interested in. Many times, working with a recruiter puts your resume ahead of the pack. We have all the details available for you to decide, at your convenience, if it’s something you’d like to pursue.

Why you should talk to a recruiter:

You should talk to a recruiter to see if this job is FOR YOU, not me. If this is something you really want, we’ll help prepare you for what to expect in an interview. After hearing the details of the job, if you don’t want it, that’s fine too – at least you’ve established another connection in your network. Think of it this way: a recruiter is someone who thinks you could add value to an organization… a value you may not recognize in yourself. It’s good to make those professional connections. You never know when you might need someone to be an advocate for you in your career.

Yes, do your research!

You may have had a negative experience with a recruitment firm in the past, but not all recruitment firms are the same. If you have a bad experience with a certain car dealership, what do you do the next time you want to buy a car? Do you rule out all car dealerships? Most likely, you will go to a different car dealership and give them a try. Similarly, don’t let one recruiter give us all a bad name!

It’s important to know who you’re working with. So, do your research on companies you may be considering partnering with. Capstone Search Advisors is ranked in the top 100 of 17,000 firms for a reason. I can help your career growth. I can help you maximize your earning and career potential – but first let’s talk!

My main takeaway is to keep an open mind when considering a career change. Maybe now isn’t the right time for you, but could it possibly be in the future? Talk to a recruiter today and it could help you down the road, when the time is right. Keep us in mind for next time.

Even if you’re not expecting someone at your door, consider opening it, at least a crack, to speak with us for 15 minutes. You never know what your next opportunity could look like.

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