Reinventing the Virtual Interview Process in Our New World

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed a lot in the lives of Americans. While we were told to wear masks in public and keep our distance from friends and family, we also saw a large majority of executive jobs move to remote work. In fact, a survey by Upwork found that in mid-2020, nearly half of the U.S. workforce was working from home and 61.9% of hiring managers said their teams will be more remote. With a workforce that is 50% remote, as well as travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders that are keeping people away from each other, how does this impact the hiring process that relies on in-person meetings? How can you adjust to virtual interview landscapes?

In mid-2020, nearly half of the U.S. workforce was working from home and 61.9% of hiring managers said their teams will be more remote moving forward

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When the shift to remote work happened, technology was right there making the transition with us. Companies began relying on tools like Zoom and Google Meet to conduct virtual meetings while investing in cloud-based technologies to access files from anywhere. This technology was designed to make remote work easier and more productive. It also gave us the chance to completely reinvent the way we look at interviews to ultimately make the hiring process more efficient.

The Benefits of Virtual Interviews

Before 2020, virtual interviews weren’t conducted very often. Technology was often unreliable, it was difficult to make a connection, and it was easy to get distracted. The pandemic changed this as companies began to get more comfortable on video and the technology behind the video platforms improved. Hiring managers began to realize that videos provided a similar level of connection as in-person interviews while allowing them to analyze body language, professionalism, and experience. It was also apparent that these videos humanize the hiring process, allowing employers a glimpse into candidates’ personalities while creating an environment where both parties can feel comfortable.

Virtual interviews also provide cost savings for companies while opening up the candidate pool. Companies that once relied on expensive candidate travel for interviews now give offers without ever meeting hires in person. And with the rise of remote work and virtual interviews, job seekers from across the country are able to apply for in-demand positions whether they are open to relocation or not.

Reinventing the Interview Process at Capstone Search Advisors

Here at Capstone Search Advisors, we’ve seen the positive impacts of the increase in virtual interviews firsthand. In the past, the hiring process sometimes lasted months to accommodate for several in-person tours and meetings. Now, companies that were reluctant to go virtual have started streamlining their interview process with video and are using less time and resources to fill positions, ultimately putting people to work faster. Some hiring managers are even giving virtual tours and allowing new hires to meet the team over video.

Our teams have always provided a high level of service to both our clients and candidates, especially during the uncertainty of the pandemic. We’ve focused on the data and benefits of going virtual while relaying positives to our clients. Now that the workforce has been majority virtual for almost a year, people are more comfortable using Zoom or Google Meet than they were at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, video has almost replaced phone calls in some instances. Our focus on the virtual setting and using video more allows us to engage our customers more regularly and save time by using video in place of in-person meetings.

Lasting Impact

Companies that were forced to adjust to a remote setting and saw the positive results have changed their interview process forever. Their adaption has proven beneficial in the long run, as they are now able to conduct interviews faster and with fewer time restrictions. Executive positions are filled faster, reducing hiring and training costs. These new efficiencies have improved the hiring process as a whole, sometimes decreasing the time-to-hire for certain positions by 50%.

Virtual interviews have decreased the time-to-hire for certain positions by up to 50%

Capstone Search Advisors is adopting a virtual mindset moving forward, and we’re well-equipped to handle recruiting and hiring in this remote world. Our top-tier technology allows us to conduct interviews easily and without service interruptions. And, because we fill positions across the U.S. and internationally, we’re more than comfortable helping our clients navigate these virtual interview settings while assisting them with finding the right match. If you’re interested in learning more, let’s get in contact!

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