So You’re Not Apple: Recruiting Technical Talent into a Non-Tech Company

These days, every company needs tech people – even non-tech companies. Businesses who have never needed these people need them now, and might not be sure where to start the recruiting process, or even how to attract these sought-after workers to their non-traditional technical environment. You might not be Apple, Google or Microsoft, but with the right methods you can still attract your developers, engineers and support experts.

Promote the best thing about your company.

First, you must determine the greatest benefit of working for your company to draw people in. It has to be a feature that sets you apart from other companies in your industry, otherwise people won’t buy it. Do you have a great location, benefits, vacation time, room for growth, or fast promotions? What can you capitalize on to get people to want to work for you? Promote the thing you are best at, and list it in all of your advertisements and job postings. Then you can follow with the skillset needed for the job.

Another way to figure out what you are best at is to ask your current technical employees what they like most about their jobs. In many cases other technical people will be interested in the same things.

What will they be working with?

Find out what projects, new software or hardware your technical group is expecting to work with in the next few months to a year. Promote this potential work to your new candidates so they know what to expect, and also to grab their interest in these new and exciting projects.

Evaluate the type of environment you have. Is your team big or small? Will candidates be leading a project or a team member? Will they work with external or internal customers? All of these factors will determine if a candidate is interested in this role. They are all interested in different things, so it’s important to know what they are getting into.

Are there any changes you can make to be more appealing?

While not always a standard company policy, many technical departments have a general understanding of a flexible work environment. Technical people can work remotely, off-hours and sometimes in varying areas of your company, so giving them flexibility can be a huge bonus.

Technical people also want to be learning new things all the time. Offering company-sponsored or company-paid training, certifications, or traditional advanced degrees can be a big draw. This might cost a little more out of the company’s pocket, but it will attract the best workers and also keep them up-to-date with the latest trends and technology.

If you’re not well-known for being a tech company, it can be hard to get the attention of these specialized workers. Knowing how to attract them into a non-traditional technical company can be tough, but it can definitely be done. Market your company for all the great things it is, and technical talent will want to work with you.

Have any questions about how to attract technical people to your non-technical company? Contact us today and let us help you recruit top technical talent into your company.

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