Recruitment Partners: When Collaboration Equals Success

When working with a recruitment adviser to find talent, it’s imperative to have a collaborative relationship to ensure you’re getting the value you’re expecting.

What defines “collaborative”?

You might be thinking to yourself that you are collaborative – but collaboration is not simply sending a job description and approving or vetoing potential employees. Collaboration has a lot more to do with frequent and clear communication, engaging your recruiter and embracing a level playing field so trust can be earned with the search.

How to start your collaboration.

How can you start a collaborative relationship? You must get out of the mindset that “all recruiters are the same.” Instead, see your recruiter as your business partner. Give them as much information as possible for the opening you have, including WHY it is open, how long it has been open and what the weaknesses have been in previous employees that can be improved upon. This will be reciprocated by your recruiter through full transparency during the entire search process.

These might seem like points that you don’t want to share externally, but again, your recruiter needs to be your business partner. As a professional, wouldn’t you want a business partner to understand your pain points to ensure focus toward improvement?

Tangible benefits of collaboration.

Recruitment advisors are only as helpful and valuable as you allow them to be. When they are your business partner, they can actually reduce recruiting costs, save you time through sourcing and recruiting the proper fit efficiently and can save you trouble as a consultative and knowledgeable expert in the field.

The best part of putting your recruiter on a level playing field is the lasting relationship that you will build. You’ll get the best person for the job and see your ROI, but you will also have a trusted partner for life, even if you eventually move companies or industries. You’ll always have this relationship.

The results speak for themselves. Check out our 2016 Best of Staffing awards.

Capstone Search Advisors received an NPS score of 100 percent from a survey of our clients – meaning that 100 percent of our clients were extremely satisfied – a score that only a handful of staffing and recruitment firms throughout the U.S. and Canada receive. The industry average was only 68 percent.

In my own experience as a recruiter, my best and easiest relationships are collaborative. If you’re looking to start a partnership with an award-winning recruitment firm, send me an email today at

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