When You Don’t Need to Hire a Recruiter

As a company with hiring needs, you might be questioning whether it is really worth your while to hire a third-party recruiter to fill your open positions. You might have your own internal recruiters, or you might just be a hands-on hiring manager who knows what you’re looking for.  You could probably use your own resources to eventually find a fit in most cases, but at what cost?

What is the cost of your time, effort, the work not being done while you look, the burden on your other employees? Monetary and more, what is the cost versus the cost of a recruiter?

The Hiring Site Blog by CareerBuilder estimates about $14,000 for a position left unfilled for three months.

I can tell you – not every situation calls for using a recruiter. You have to ask yourself: How important is it that I find the absolute best talent for this position?  

Here are four reasons to seriously consider using a recruiter for your next job opening:

  1. We save companies time and money – really. We invest thousands of dollars to buy recruiting tools in bulk so companies don’t need to purchase all these systems on their own. Aside from that, we recruit every single day so we already have a pipeline of pre-screened, interviewed candidates in our network that are ready to go when we find them the right fit. We know most company’s workers have other jobs to do than search for a new hire all day – especially when they are starting from scratch.
  2. It costs more to hire the wrong talent. There is a value in third-party recruiting that many companies overlook – unbiased pre-screen interviews. When we find a candidate, we schedule a pre-screen interview with the person without telling them the company name. This gives us a much better read about the candidate’s goals and ambitions, allowing us to make much better matches. On the flip side, when a candidate sends a resume to a company, they already know what the company is looking for so they can tailor their answers and possibly oversell what they can really do.
  3. Better matches. Using a third-party recruiter will help you find the right fit for your company instead of just finding the best looking resume. We run into this all the time; we find a great candidate with a perfectly-matched resume to the client’s needs, but after we conduct an interview we find out the candidate isn’t the best fit. They can be lackluster, have a bad attitude, harbor unrealistic expectations, etc. We can find the right fit based on your specs, but it’s even more important to find the right cultural match.
  4. Proactive vs. reactive recruiting methods: Passive candidates simply do not respond to job ads. In fact, many of them are currently employed and keep their job search secret by discretely using – you guessed it – recruiters. We have a vast network of referrals and passive candidates. If you want access to these hidden gems, contact our skilled recruiters today.

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