Art Ivanov

Practice Director

Art Ivanov

Art is a Practice Leader at Capstone Search Advisors for Systems and Capital equipment. He brings nearly 10 years of executive & professional level recruiting experience and has interviewed thousands of technical sales professionals, engineers and operations leaders.

Art’s helped tech start ups build out their sales teams, helped established companies backfill retiring leaders, and helped international companies make their first hires in the US.

When a position is too specific for one click applicants and a no-nonsense approach is needed, companies turn to Art.

Born in Vladivostok Russia, Art is a proud immigrant and naturalized citizen, “an American by choice” as he likes to joke and a veteran who left the Army Reserve Chemical Corps at the rank of Captain. He lived in Chicagoland for 20 years before relocating to Knoxville and has adventured all over the US with his wife Glenda.

Get in touch with Art: (708) 802-4897